Banners Fall

by Legion 76

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Words Decay 03:09
The course is set at the start of every day These walls are closing in, I gotta get away Gears keep turning until the mind’s a hollow shell There’s nothing left of me, they say I’ve rendered my own hell Though they say, we’re digging our own graves The truth is clear and one thing still remains A day will come when all their words decay Let them talk because they’ll just fade away Burdens release themselves and trample tragedy It’s made its way around, it’s now a part of me Truth’s hammer’s raining down to deal the fatal blow A day of reckoning, we’ll watch the theories decompose Their words will burn until they’re ashes on the ground We’ll fan the flames, we’ll watch them all come crashing down We’re still here
Rearranged 01:55
Power is failing, they’re covering their eyes A rotten stench is rising, here come the flies The palace is crumbling, it’s time to watch it fall There’s no time to worry, take the ties and cut them all Let the cards get rearranged The parasites are power hungry again Let the cards get rearranged Stomped out, taken down from within It’s all in plain view, they’re too blind to see Misunderstanding how it’s gonna be A justifiable outcome will never rear its head Bring down the towers, someone’s gonna end up dead
Banners Fall 03:11
Move up, step right in, their future is your destiny Your life, your own will but how long until they let you be Answers may come and go but you will never know One foot in, one foot out, that’s just not the way it goes The sound of thunder in the streets Their banners waved and now lay at our feet The cracks and scars will never fade Here’s to the past and everything we gave Stand tall, move along now get down on your knees Give them all that’s left, you know they want it all for free Costs to breath pile up, your debt is on the rise Hold on to another day now lay down and be sacrificed There’s a flame that’s burning through right beneath your sunken eyes Lines like valleys run across your face, the scars you cannot hide Clouds of change are coming in, cloaking them until there’s no more Choking out on their own fumes, coffins roll right through the door
It’s all across the their minds, you know they’ve seen it on TV Blinds pulled across their eyes, they can’t decipher what they see Sense made from laying down with thoughts they can’t dispel Bought into hate again, I can’t believe the shit they sell Sold out, cashed in, chalk it up to apathy Time to find a higher ground, a place for you and me Into darkness we fall, watch the world go up in flames Into darkness we live, we can’t see the light of day Into darkness we watch cultures fall in despair Into darkness we breathe, waiting for a cleaner air It’s got the best of them, diseased views are all I see Suffering from helplessness and a mind that can’t be free What stops the rest of us from being one drop in the well Shadows reveal themselves, we know time will always tell Stand up, strike down anything that you can see Drive the demons out, cast them to obscurity
Kicked Out 03:09
Kicked out, knocked down, laid out That’s the way it’s gonna be Chewed up, broke down, spit out That’s the way it’s gonna be They’ll make you break before you bend They’ll break you down until the very end Blown out, worn down, checked out That’s the way it’s gonna be Fed up, shut down, cast out That’s the way it’s gonna be They’ll try to hold you until you drown They’ll never know that you’ll just pull them down Through their disdain, the song remains the same We’ll stand unmoved as we put them in the ground These dying souls, they think they have a name We’ll drag them out, we’ll tear the bastards down
Guillotine 02:54
You’ve got a lot of shit to say, a thousand apologies Nothing ever comes of it when you’re passed out on the floor It never made sense to me, the ways you would pass the blame Life won’t wait for you when they’re banging on your door Wasting away, bring on down the guillotine Dead on the floor, what you gonna do Wasting away, bring on down the guillotine Kick down the door, it’s coming for you And everything you said to me, it never mattered anyway You’ll do the best you can to avoid searching for more Slow death is here to stay, just push it to another day Nothing will ever change, your life is such bore Take hold, take a step and follow through


released April 7, 2017

10" released by Contra Records (EUR) and Longshot Music (US)

400 black
200 oxblood
200 blue
200 white

Recorded and mixed by Mike Bardzik at Noisy Little Critter
Mastered by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering
Artwork and layout by Ramon Gironès


all rights reserved



Legion 76 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Eric - Vocals/Guitar
Chris - Drums
Justin - Guitar
Brennan - Bass

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