Brick and Bone

by Legion 76

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News came in from yesterday It's not what you thought it was gonna be Listen up and breathe it in Before the air outside becomes too thin Storm clouds are forming in the corners of our minds Paths just keep on winding around bodies stacked a mile high You gotta run, You gotta duck, You gotta crawl You gotta find a way to make it out before the fall Sometimes the earth moves and slips from underneath Sometimes the tremors come and rip apart the floor You'll feel the weight when you're crushed beneath the teeth There's nothing left but you'll still crawl back in for more To find an open door A door with roads that set us free Away from pain and misery A brand new path for you and me We’ll push on through I’ve got a plan that’s forming in my mind A master plan that takes the wreckage out and leaves it all behind Brick by brick, bone by bone, we’ll rebuild more The time has come for us to grow stronger than we were before
Sometimes I see your clouded head drive what you do Slowing progress takes hold of you, drags you by the hand It’s nothing new, if it’s outside your world it’s never coming through It’ll take some time for you to understand It takes a toll on me to see what your actions sow There’s no reason why you should think that everything is fine I always knew you’re lack of judgement would layout how it all goes I’m out of breath, you’re out of time It’s up to you ‘cause you’re the one who’s getting screwed Tumble down until you see the light of day Nothing to prove but you've got everything to lose Stand back up, turn around and walk away The burden hangs again and the choice is up to you One more misstep could end it all or at least what’s here right now Pick up your feet, carry on and find the strength to see it through Beyond what everything allows
Crushed 02:39
I saw you walking on the street today, you know we don’t give a shit about you Your swollen head and attitude are the only things that are coming through Pull back cause it’s coming around and the hammer’s gonna fall The crashing tides will pull you down and as you reach for air, we’ll watch you lose it all Hard times on streets today when everyone’s up against you You’re too thick to comprehend why no one cares what you say or do Look up because it’s raining down and you might get washed away You’ll hit the bottom with no way out and slowly realize that’s where you’ll stay Well I know this world could take you out today What’s next? Step back and watch it come to crush your reality They’ll bleed you dry ‘Cause your words fall short with every last breath And you can’t see eye to eye They’re coming to break you They’ll bleed you dry When your words fall short with every last breath You can kiss your life goodbye We tried hard to explain to you but the words just didn’t get through The arrogance and attitude both shut it down so now it’s all on you Hold on the best you can as the wind blows down your walls You’ll see the start of your demise, when you turn around you’ll see your future fall Well I saw this world just take you out today That’s it, you’re crushed, there’s no more time to live your fantasy
Falling Tide 03:50
What’s left of this place, what’s left of the world today The final stand is in our sights, it seems too far away We left a trail etched in the ground, we tore the flesh from bone Darkness is closing in, we know we’re not alone Premonition fades and takes a back seat in my mind When an outstretched hand reaches down I know everything will be alright Where do we go next, when there’s no fight left anymore When we’re worn down to the bone When we’re ground down to the core We worked hard for what we built, standing stronger than before We’ve got nothing left to prove There’s no bloodshed anymore Smoke clouds begin to rise, turn white as ashes fall We hold tight to what we have as some have lost it all We stepped through the agony, walked right through the fear Echoes ring in the night, a sign that we’re still here The rain comes pouring down The blood gets washed away The pain begins to fade We see another day The clouds begin to part The spots clear from our eyes The tide begins to fall We see the other side


released March 24, 2016

7" released by Contra Records (EUR) and Longshot Music (US)

First press:
200x splatter
200x clear
300x black

Second press (different cover):
200x orange & yellow w/ black splatter
300x black

Recorded by Mike Bardzik at Noisy Little Critter
Mastered by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering
Artwork and layout by Ramon Gironès


all rights reserved



Legion 76 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Eric - Vocals/Guitar
Chris - Drums
Justin - Guitar
Brennan - Bass

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